Birth Announcements

Getting the Most Out of Birth Announcements

For the highest quality birth announcements, consider making your own birth announcements. Designing your own birth announcements can give that personal touch to the matter that will help get friends and the entire family excited about the occasion. Work on the birth announcements with your other children to get them involved in the process as well, making them feel included. Although stock birth announcements can be purchased, making your own allows for a very personal touch that will make all the difference. Depending on how many birth announcements you plan on making, you may or may not need to visit a professional printer to get the job done adequately. Professional printing services may be fairly expensive, but it will allow you to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

If you do the design and the construction work yourself, get any other kids involved so as to cut down on the amount of work to be done. Children can help with the simpler and more tedious tasks, such as any stapling or gluing that must be done. When buying materials to get started, be sure to purchase a little more than you might think are needed. Especially with children involved, you will probably encounter more mistakes than you bargained for. You might also think of more people that should receive a birth announcement before you're done too.

If the thought of creating so many birth announcements by yourself is rather daunting, then a professional printer can help tremendously. Professional printing may be an expensive option, but it can save a great deal of time as well. You can still come up with your own design should crafting each individual card be too daunting a task. A professional printer can fulfill your individual design needs while saving you from the great amount of work that would otherwise have to be done.

When designing the birth announcements, be sure to include the basics in the card itself. The name of the baby, gender, and age are all good basics to include in the birth announcements. Other information such as birth weight, are completely optional to include. If you intend on having a gathering for the newborn, be sure to include must haves like the time and place of the gathering. It might also be a good idea to request that guests RSVP for the celebration so that you can plan accordingly for supplies.

When creating your birth announcements, you should not feel as if there is a need to personalize each invitation. Family and friends will understand that you are extremely busy and cannot afford to personalize each message. Likewise, you do not have to personalize each thank you note that you reply with either. Expect to receive gifts and cards of well wishing. It is standard practice to reply with a thank you note in kind to these cards. With thank you notes it is best to keep matters short and to avoid mentioning anything refunding gifts or exchanging anything.

Designing birth announcements is a chance to have a little fun and be creative. Farm out some work to your other children, or to a professional printing service to save some time. If you do contract out to a printer, be sure to get everything taken care of on the first run. This will save you a great deal of money. Making additional smaller runs to make up for mistakes or additional guests will be quite expensive, so it's best to have everything taken care of in the first and only run at the printers.