Birth Announcements

A Guide to Birth Announcements

Birth announcements are a great way to show your love and respect to your family and friends; a way to let them know how much they mean to you and how important they are in your baby's life as well. You can be creative and use hand made birth announcements or use your baby's photographs to send e-mails to all! Whatever way you choose to send birth announcements, it is important for friends and family to get them so they can share in the joy you are experiencing with your new addition to the family.

The birth of a baby is a proud moment for the new parents as well as for all those attached to you. So, your friends and family, cousins and second cousins, colleagues and relatives from far, everybody eagerly awaits the arrival of your bundle of joy! That is why birth announcements and typically photo announcements are sent out within the first few weeks of the birth. Some points to be considered are when to send the birth announcements, how far ahead to decide on them and the location of all the friends and family members who are to receive them.

If you have lived in the same city all your lives, you need not be concerned with planning much in advance for your baby's birth announcements. Most relatives, family and friends live nearby and will hear of the baby's arrival by word of mouth before they receive your birth announcements through mail. However, it is still important to get the birth announcements out in a reasonable time, usually within a month after delivery! Often not very close friends may not bother you with a visit in the hospital or home and the easiest way to inform them can be through photo birth announcements send via e-mail. This is a fast and convenient way to let those around you know the details of the baby's birth and allow them to celebrate with you even if they can not be close.

For parents who are physically away from friends and family, it would be wiser to send out the birth announcements within a week or two after your baby is born. Before the birth, you can spend time selecting the announcements through a local crafts store or a website so that it gives you ample time to decide on them. Once the baby arrives, new parents are too tied down and busy admiring their new arrival to find time to look for suitable birth announcements as well! Though most of your family and friends will understand your lack of time for it, it is best to not delay sending them by more than two weeks at most. Besides, with a new baby in the house, it is a welcome change to be able to do something besides change diapers for awhile.

Current etiquette indicates most recipients of birth announcements are happy to receive the birth announcements after two weeks as well as they fully sympathize with the lack of time with a newborn around! You can include some cute baby announcement sayings, wording ideas and sayings for the cards. Even some photographs of your baby with a handwritten message brings joy to the recipients and also shows them you care enough to make the cards personal. Make sure you take care to send to all your friends and family so nobody feels left out.

If your were too strapped for time and have delayed the birth announcements by a few weeks, you can still send them with a current photograph of your baby and a quick personal note. Friends and family will always be delighted, no matter how late you get in sending them! There are a number of choices when it comes to the cards; great new designs and themes or the traditional baby boy or baby girl birth announcements are aplenty! The classic design is the baby's feet sticking out of from a soft blue blanket; it is just so lovable and emotional that it beats being late too!

Clean black and white themes, sports themes and other colorful and vivid modern designs add just the cuteness birth announcements must present. Whatever style you choose, it must reflect your family's personality and love!