Birth Announcements

Ways to Get Your Birth Announcements Out

Well, the big moment is here and your precious little one has finally made its appearance after nine months anticipation and you need to make the birth announcements. I bet you want to tell the world! Well, you're in luck because now there are many different ways to make birth announcements.

Let's have a look at the ways - traditional and modern - to make the birth announcements to as many people as you want to.

The days of new fathers using up all their spare change at the hospital pay phones are long gone. There are many ways to get your birth announcements out there - and quickly!

Birth announcements by text

Thanks to the miracles of the mobile phone you have an easy way to make your birth announcements. You can spend a simple text message announcing the safe arrival and baby's birth weight, even the name if you have decided upon it. It only takes a matter of seconds to say all that you need to say in text message birth announcements. Just be aware that some people - particularly the older generation - may not understand text speak!

If you choose this way to make birth announcements make sure that you have the mobile phone numbers of all the people you want to contact with birth announcements in the contacts list of your mobile phone.

Birth announcements the newspapers

The local newspapers are the traditional place to make birth announcements. Some people even put birth announcements in the national newspapers. They are easy as you can practice writing your brief message and then just take it to the newspaper office for inclusion. Just be sure to spell out any awkward words as you don't want any mistakes in there. This is a lovely way to announce a birth to everyone. You will reach a lot of people that way. Also newspaper birth announcements are a lovely keepsake for your baby book.

Birth announcements through the post

Posting out either personalized or commercial birth announcements is another traditional way of letting everyone know about your happy arrival. It is difficult to prepare baby birth announcement cards ahead of the event and some people feel uneasy about doing that, but there are ways to make this job easier when you want to do it quickly, with limited time and energy, after the birth. Hand-made birth announcements are beautiful but they may take a long time!

Thankfully, you have a possible solution in internet-based companies that will provide some really beautiful templates for birth announcements. You may just have to ad names etc. But there are also some internet birth announcements that you can personalize by changing colors, adding photos etc. You can print these off an send them out to whomever you wish.

Of course, you can use a simple offline word processing package to make large numbers of birth announcements. That cuts down a lot of the time involved as you can even use a nice font to save yourself from having to hand-write the messages on the birth announcements.

Online birth announcements

As well as using online websites to facilitate sending out actual birth announcements through the post, you can post your birth announcements online. You can make your own website for your new baby or for your whole family. There are some companies that offer great ready-made templates for birth announcement websites so you don't need to have much technological knowledge to set one of these websites up. It won't take you very long to have a professional looking website from which to show off your new baby.

You can upload photos and keep it updated with whatever news that you want. All you need to do is e-mail the website link out to people and they will be able to access it easily from any computer with internet access. You can even have a guest book for people to leave their congratulations and good wishes for you online.